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Why work with us?

There’s something special to be said about a creative content agency that is honest and doesn’t beat around the bush. We pride ourselves on being that agency.

Our creative and in depth content solutions are what lets us live up to our name – we’re upfront, authentic and truly candid in how we work. Our young, vibrant and dynamic team is the secret ingredient you need to skyrocket your digital content marketing strategy. Our creativity, passion and determination to create incredible work sets us apart from the rest.

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How are we different?

  • We never say no to a challenge. Do you want your content written in the sky? We’ll write it, schedule it and then locate the pilot.
  • We never make for a dull date. Creativity and passion are a permanent part of our everyday routine. Be warned: our vivaciousness is contagious.
  • We don’t leave anything unfinished. Our extensive content solutions mean that we're in it for the long haul: consultation to publication.
  • We are good at what we do, plain and simple. We have taken some of the best creative minds in Brisbane and formed one of the most hard-working and outgoing content creation companies in Australia.
  • We value our relationship with you above all else – we promise to always be up-front, honest and candid.

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With our content marketing solutions, we don’t just collaborate with you and promote your services; we work with your clients to help you position yourself as a full-service agency. Do you have a demand for great writers? It’s time you turned to us.

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Candid Content can work with you to create a seamless sponsored content and advertorial program to benefit brands, their audiences and, ultimately, your publication. Book a chat with our team and see how our content marketing solutions can help build your revenue and your readership.

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Small or Medium Business?

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough work. That’s why the universe has given you us: the experts in strategy, marketing and writing – to give you more time to be the boss without having to worry about your content marketing solutions.

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Agency Support

The popularity of content marketing is great news for writers and marketers: we’re in demand. However finding the time to offer your clients effective content marketing can be tough. When you're trying to juggle the multiple hats you have to wear as an agency, we can step in and take care of one thing we do best: digital content marketing.

We know more than anyone else how painful it is seeing a content strategy fall flat. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you can't give it 100%. By collaborating with us, you can ensure that each and every client receives the content marketing solutions they need. We can work side-by-side with you to transform you into a high performing full-service marketing agency. And, let's be honest, what client isn't going to love that?

The best part? You get to keep doing what you do best and rest easy knowing that your clients' content marketing is going to directly complement the other digital strategies and campaigns you've worked so hard to make successful.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is great news for any publisher – you get an article in hand that will both engage your audience and increase your revenue. But, what if the content doesn't match your audience's expectations and they're left with a bad taste in their mouth? That's where we come in.

Our qualified journalists specialise in writing, strategising and managing any commissioned content, so you can bridge the gap between your advertisers and your audience. We work directly with your publication and the advertising brand in order to create an article that meets everyone's needs. Creating the right balance of brand promotion and engaging content is no easy feat, but our team of professionals combined with our extensive list of content marketing solutions have mastered the balancing act.

Content Strategy

A content marketing strategy isn’t just an optional extra for your content marketing – it’s the foundation of your success. Without a content strategy driving your content marketing, you won’t be able to clearly define or measure success. Luckily, that's where we come in. We know how difficult it is to get a content marketing campaign back on track, that's why you need a strategy that will keep you moving toward a visible goal. Content marketing isn't just about writing a weekly blog, it's about positioning your brand as a leader and increasing your revenue.

At Candid Content, we are content strategists first and foremost. We are creative writers and journalists, but everything we do is built on a strategy. We even strategise in our sleep. That's why content marketing strategies are one of our top content marketing solutions.

In order to give you the best results, we will sit down and go analyse every situation individually to create a tailor made content marketing strategy that works. By understanding your target audience, their media/content consumption and behaviours we are able to produce content that will effectively get results. Sounds good, huh?

Content Creation

Once you’ve got a content marketing strategy in place, the next step is creating the content. Before you shudder at the thought of how much time and energy you’ll have to expend writing content – take a step back and let Candid Content, and our extensive list of content marketing solutions, help.

Whether it's a blog or a research intensive white paper, we can produce the most successful and engaging content for every occasion. We live in the digital age, so we know we've got the right ideas for every platform.

Sometimes you may have an idea for a piece of content that you just don't know how to turn into a reality. Our forward-thinking team can take that idea and turn it into something wilder than you could imagine. We're good like that.

Content Distribution

In today’s world, creating great content isn’t enough. You need to be able to deliver your information to an audience who already have the world wide web at their fingertips. Need to gauge reader reaction and make a plan? Our content marketing solutions can help.

By carefully selecting the most appropriate distribution channels for you, we can focus on how to get your audience engaged and on your side. We won't just focus on getting the content in front of people, we'll make sure it's in front of the right people.

We know how many people pull their hair out wondering why their content isn’t working, and the simple answer is that not enough thought has gone into your content distribution. We'll turn that around for you and get your content flowing in the right direction. Trust us, you'll love your results once you've got the right audience on your side.

Content Management & Analytics

Once you've got your content marketing strategy in place, the next hurdle is campaign management and analytics. The difference between success or failure can come down to reporting and analytics. That's why we give you solid metrics for success and honest and candid reports. These will keep your content moving in the right direction, and we won't beat around the bush if we think there's an area we can improve on. With Candid Content’s content management alongside your other content marketing solutions, there’s no more wondering whether or not it’s all worth it. Our clear and comprehensive analytics will give you an indication of success, and we’ll do the hard work for you so you can sit back and see the (tangible) results. We understand that most marketing teams have to report to higher level managers, that's why we have an open discussion with you about your reporting needs. If you need a report weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we'll work with you to create exactly what you need. If you need specific metrics included in your report, our expert team will go above and beyond to show you a clear picture of your progression.

Say What, Now?!

The marketing industry is rife with confusing acronyms, which is why I’m creating a downloadable PDF that tells you the definition of the most important digital marketing acronyms you need to know.


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