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19 Reasons Why Creative Writers Are Your Content Marketing Secret Weapons

Content creation and content strategy are more in demand than they have ever been before. Why? Because people have realised the value and power of a well-crafted piece of writing.

But if every competitor in the market is churning out new content at an ever-increasing rate, how are you meant to stand out from the crowd? Not every business owner has the time to brainstorm consistently successful marketing ideas and more importantly, the ability to implement them with flair.

At a time where content creation is essential to a successful brand, creating the perfect writing team is paramount. That’s why you need to save yourself the trouble and just use a creative writer.

Don’t believe us? Here are 19 reasons to prove our point:

  • They have the time and it’s what they’re good at. Stop trying to juggle every aspect of your brand and let an expert take care of content creation.
  • They can find your ‘character’. Standing out in a crowd of content marketers is about finding your brand’s personality and digging your own niche. Creative writers are trained to develop engaging personas – whether it be fictional or as part of a brand identity.
  • Build your team from the ground up. It’s a lot more efficient to coach your creative writer through your business strategy than try and teach a marketer how to write.
  • Content marketing is all about your story. Creative writers will have already envisioned your story from start to finish inside of their head.
  • Get your brand noticed. Everyone can write content (no, this isn’t a ploy). Content writing is simple. Being able to write engagingly is not so simple. Creative writers already think differently to the everyday writer, and they’ll get your brand noticed.
  • Content marketing relies on consistency. Why not give your brand’s story a narrative and an author that won’t break the plot?
  • They are unbiased and honest. Creative writers are part of the world that can see your brand from the outside and tell you, honestly, what content you need.
  • Low tolerance for procrastination. When you’re trying to brainstorm marketing techniques do you find yourself cleaning your kitchen instead? Creative writers have the training to focus on their writing until the very end publication deadline.
  • Professionalism. This is what creative writers are born to do; they are not entrepreneurs, they are not PR graduates or marketing geniuses – which is what makes them perfect for the job. They are there for one reason: to write you some excellent creative content.
  • Passion. Entrepreneurship is to you what writing is to a creative. Don’t spend time on what you are not passionate about – your audience will notice if your heart’s not in it.
  • Originality. In content creation, repetition of the same old ideas seems to be rampant. No creative writer worth their salt will repeat a storyline more than once.
  • They know how to sell. Having a career in creative writing is code for self-employment. Writers will spend their entire lives preparing, pitching and selling themselves and their work. So why not let them do the same for your brand?
  • They’re well read. It comes as no surprise to know that a way with words only comes with a wide reading repertoire.
  • Existing portfolio. A creative writer should already be able to give you a feel for their work and what they can do. No surprises here!
  • Thinking on the spot. A true storyteller will be able to do as the name suggests – give you a story on the spot. Why wouldn’t you have a secret weapon who could spin a creative tale when and where you need one?
  • Individuals can be more effective than a large team. Hire the right mind rather than overcompensating with too many specialists.
  • Create a harmonious team. Creative people work well together; it’s a fact. Put a designer, a creative writer and a developer together and you’ll be well ahead of the competition.
  • Curation. Creative writers are already experts at curation and in content marketing, the curation or presentation of your best information is key.
  • Creative writing is not restricted to long-form. Creative writers aren’t just authors or novelists. They can weave their magic over all of your content channels: twitter updates, blog posts, web copy, press releases – no matter the length.

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