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PSA: Freelancers Beware of Online Users Claiming To Be Candid Content

Freelancers Beware.

I have recently been made aware of a number of fake accounts on various freelancer platforms (as well as on Skype) that are impersonating my brand, Candid Content.

These accounts are claiming to be from Candid Content. Please be aware that these accounts have NO association with Candid Content.

The only freelancer platform that Candid Content uses is UpWork, and we will NEVER take our contracts off the platform and ask freelancers to work with us directly. If you are engaged by Candid Content on UpWork, the entire contract will be completed on the platform.

I also DO NOT hire freelance writers from any ‘freelancer platforms’. The only freelance writers Candid Content works with are local, Australian writers. That means that if you have been contacted for writing work on a freelancer platform by someone claiming to be from Candid Content, it has nothing to do with the official Candid Content brand.

It is unfortunate that there are fake accounts like this out there, but they are in no way connected with myself or my brand, Candid Content. It is likely that if you are engaged by these accounts that you may be scammed to provide free work (as I have been made aware of from previous freelancers) – so, please do not proceed or proceed with extreme caution.

If someone on Skype contacts you claiming to be from Candid Content, please proceed with extreme caution. All of our company Skype accounts are associated with real people – and we NEVER hide behind our ‘company name’ and generic pictures.

This is also a good reminder for freelancers to beware when companies (or people) suggest you take your work off a certain freelancer platform. These platforms exist for a reason, and are a crucial way of ensuring that you are paid for works completed. If you take your work directly to the ‘client’ (communicating via Skype or another means), you may open yourself up to be scammed for free work.

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be from Candid Content, please let me know the platform you were contacted on, what communication you had with them, and other details you think are important – this will help me work to get these fake accounts shut down.

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