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8 Reasons You Need Business Email Marketing

Email has been used by businesses for decades, for both internal and external communications. With the rise of social media as a prime communication style, mediums such as direct mail are becoming a thing of the past. So will email be the next to go?

Apparently not.

Business email marketing has proved itself to be an essential business tool, one that is here to stay. Here are eight quick reasons why you simply need business email marketing to stay ahead of your competition:

  1. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of communication

When compared to traditional media forms such as television and direct mail, email beats them all by a mile in terms of saving money. It’s no wonder that when budgeting, businesses turn to email for some relief. In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, the findings revealed that “it’s a very safe bet that email will beat all your other marketing methods in terms of return on investment”.

  1. It is quick and easy to do

Yes; social media is quick and easy as well. But instead of tailoring content to one specific social media site or only using 140 characters, within a few minutes a message is sent to hundreds of people. In such a time poor society, this is music to any businesses’ ears.

  1. Reach

Rather than getting lost within a wave of posts in the ocean of social media, email sends a direct message to those who are intended to receive it. Whether they open the email is another matter, but at least they see what was sent to them instead of not seeing anything at all.

  1. Easy to personalise

In this day and age, people are more inclined to engage with content if they believe it is intended for them and them only. A US study from Retention Science found a number of customisation tricks that marketers used to personalise their email content. These ranged from personalised product recommendations, using the receiver’s name, using a specific message for the receiver, and personalised reminders.

  1. Easy way to stay connected to loyal customers

Email marketing is permission based; in which those who receive them have signed up for the long haul and are awaiting your emails. These customers want to be kept up to date, given the most exclusive offers and know about the latest deals first. A study by Custora found that email customers are more valuable than average when rating the different customer channels, as they are more likely to purchase from the business.

  1. Effective way to stay connected to mobile customers

To reach those who are constantly on the move, email is by far the most effective avenue of communication. Approximately 40 percent of all emails are read on mobile phones, with the activity being one of the top reasons for phone usage.

  1. Boosting sales

Email marketing climbed the popularity ladder through incorporating offers and deals in subject lines and emails to catch the reader’s attention and advance click through rates. It has become somewhat of a distinguishing feature between email and other online (namely social media) forms of marketing. People expect to find offers in their emails, in which they act as an incentive to click through and use the offer.

  1. Customer base acquisition

Surprisingly, email is an extremely effective way of gaining a larger customer base when compared to other online forms such as social media. In fact, a study by Media Bistro found that email produces 40 times more customer acquisitions that Facebook and Twitter combined. When sign up is made easy for the customer or an incentive is given, your email list can grow tenfold.

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