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6 B2C Marketing Mistakes You’re Making & How To Fix Them

I’m sure you’re aware of what Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing is all about, but what you might not be aware of is the common B2C marketing mistakes people make when they’re going about their strategy.

It’d be easy for me to list the common mistakes (the ones you’re probably making), but what’s the use in just pointing out your mistakes? Instead, I want to show you what you can do to remedy where you’re probably going wrong.

B2C Marketing Mistake: Not understanding your marketB2C Marketing Mistake 1: Not taking the time to understand your target market and customers.

If you don’t understand your target customer, how can you market yourself to them?

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Do this instead:

Stop assuming you know who your target market is. Actually do some research and create airtight customer profiles/buyer personas for each potential customer. Get inside their heads and understand what makes them tick.

Analyse your previous sales and start to get to know the people that are buying your product/service. Put yourself in their shoes and begin to understand every intricacy of their lives. Ask yourself what you know about them, and research what you don’t.

Once you’ve started to bring together what you know, you can create in-depth customer profiles (buyer personas) – the more specific the better. For each profile, list their demographics (age, gender and occupation), but more importantly include their common complaints, difficulties and obsessions.

This will give you an invaluable insight into their buying psychology, while giving you a steady stream of content ideas that will guide your content marketing.

These customer profiles should also tell you where your target market hangs out online, where they’re getting their content from and exactly what they want to read about. By understanding your target market to this level, you’re practically guaranteeing the success of your content marketing, and securing otherwise untapped sales.

When someone asks you who you’re selling to, you should be able to tell them in one or two sentences exactly who you’re targeting. The more specific the better (are you sensing a theme here?) – don’t just say “single mums” or “graduates looking for work”, when you go that broad, you already know you’re not going to get where you want to be.

Still stuck? Check out this run through of how to create customer profiles/ buyer personas.

B2C Marketing Mistake: Just writing contentB2C Marketing Mistake 2: Just writing content, and not thinking about what your customer wants to read.


Do this instead:

Sit down and be honest with yourself. Does your target customer really want to read your generic top 10 lists? Or do they want something more engaging that they can actually put to use?

My (very educated) guess is the latter.

The simplest way that you can remedy this B2C marketing mistake is by:

Asking your customers what they want!

This can be done in many different ways:

  • Use social media to interact and ask your following what they’d like to read about.
  • Use comments on your blog and turn them into blog posts.
  • If your sales or customer service teams are being bombarded with similar questions, answer these questions with your content.
  • Find where your target market hangs out online and observe their most common complaints and difficulties – turn these into posts.

More than likely, you’re going to have multiple buyer personas to talk to. An easy way to deal with this is to tag each blog post according to which customer profile it is relevant to.

You want to make sure that every potential customer knows how to find content on your website that is specifically relevant to them. Don’t confuse them, and keep them on track to making that sale.

[Tweet “Don’t confuse your customers, and keep them on track to making that sale.”]

Not to mention, by getting your customers involved with your content – you’ll see skyrocketing results. Everyone loves to feel like they’re a part of something, so by including them in your content strategy they’re more likely to relate to you and you’ll turn them into customers for life.

A great relationship with your customers is a pretty good little bonus.

Still stuck? Check out this great guide for never running out of blog ideas.

B2C Marketing Mistake: Not using a strategyB2c Marketing Mistake 3: Not using a strategy and just winging it.

NOOOOOOOOOOO. No. No. This is the stuff of nightmares.

Honestly, this is one of the most common B2C marketing mistakes I come across. People seem to think that since they have a general idea of their marketing in their head, they don’t need to worry about a strategy.

No. Just no.

Do this instead:

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your head; put it on paper. When you write it down, it will start to make so much more sense. You’ll be able to see where you might be able to improve your efforts and you’ll actually be able to clearly work toward your goals and objectives.

And, it’s been proven that if you write your goals down, you’re much more likely to achieve them. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll end up with a much more coherent and forward-thinking marketing result if you just put a strategy together. Or hire a professional to put a strategy together for you.

Give yourself some direction. Give yourself a strategy.

Still stuck? Check out this great guide on starting your B2C marketing strategy.

B2C Marketing Mistake: Not writing good contentB2C Marketing Mistake 4: Posting randomly and just praying for results.

Do this instead:

Go where your audience is! By developing your customer profiles and your marketing strategy, you should have an in-depth understanding of where your audience is browsing for content online, and when and where to post to get the most attention.

Is your audience even on Twitter? No? Then why are you posting there?!

[Tweet “Is your audience even on Twitter? No? Then why are you posting there?!”]

If you really want your content to have an impact on your audience (or if you want clicks, leads and conversions) you need to strategically post and promote your content.

Don’t just post a blog post on Twitter and then complain when it generates next to no traffic to your website. Instead, aim to get your content in front of the right people. If you know there are particular influencers in your industry who may be interested in your content – send it to them and ask them to share it!

If a social influencer shares your article for you, they’ve effectively done a large portion of your legwork for you. Even though it’s your content, when it’s coming from a major name it has the chance to resonate with your audience in a way that it never would have if it came directly from you.

Consider doing a bit of blogger outreach for your content as well. That is, find some prominent bloggers in your industry and email them with a link to your content. If they love it (and they should!), they may share it, backlink to it or even re-publish the content for their following.

By reaching out to bloggers who may be interested in your content, you can maximise your brand exposure while helping build and maintain a relationship with your readers.

Still stuck? Here’s a great guide on how to strategically post your content for the best results.

B2C Marketing Mistake: Not cultivating a communityB2C Marketing Mistake 5: Just selling, selling, selling and not taking the time to cultivate a community.

Do this instead:

Did you know that an engaged community is going to be 10 times more valuable to you than a community that barely even knows you exist?

I see brands constantly trying to sell their products/services, without giving a thought to actually taking the time to build relationships with their community. And to that I say: really?!

By simply replying to emails, direct messages, comments or any type of engagement – you can build customer loyalty and transform one-off purchasers into lifelong customers.

[Tweet “build customer loyalty and transform one-off purchasers into lifelong customers.”]

What’s better: a one off sale or a recurring monthly sale made by the same customer? It’s a no-brainer.

That’s what happens when you take the time to transform your customer base into a well-functioning and engaged community. People who want to interact with your brand, are much more likely to make multiple purchases – and refer you to their friends and family.

That’s much more valuable to you than the random sales you may or may not make from over-the-top salesy (and sometimes blatantly spammy) posts you’re in love with making.

Still stuck? Check out this great example of a profitable customer community.

B2C Marketing Mistake 6: No clear call to action (CTA).

Do this instead:

No matter what your end goal is (leads, sales or email subscriptions), how do you expect your customers to know what to do if you don’t have a clear call to action?

[Tweet “how do you expect your customers to know what to do if you don’t have a clear call to action?”]

Think about what you want your customers to do when they land on your website.

  • Do you want them to sign-up to your newsletter?
  • Do you want them to contact you?
  • Do you want them to buy a free sample?
  • Do you want them to go straight to your online store?

You need to have a clear idea about what you want them to do when they get to your website – this is called the customer journey. Your website design and copy should all point your customers to where you want them to go. Your website should gently guide visitors where they’re most valuable to you – if you don’t do this, you’re letting sales slide right through your fingers.

Consider hiring a specialist copywriter to help you write your website in the most strategic way. If you don’t want to do that, at least start researching and reading everything you can on copywriting and the customer journey. You’ll thank yourself later.

Now, be honest with yourself. How many of these mistakes have you made (or are currently making)? Are you struggling with something that’s not on the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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