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10 Ways ‘Boring’ Businesses Can Figure Out What To Blog About

Choosing a topic to blog about can be one of the biggest things stopping your ‘boring’ business from blogging more, and it’s easy to understand why.

It can be hard to choose a topic… You don’t know what your audience wants to read about, and you’re worried: “will anyone even read this?”, “Do I even care enough about this to write about it?”, “Are people going to care?”

It’s a complicated process, and it can make the whole blogging thing a bit overwhelming.

You know you ‘should be’ writing blog content. Every ‘guru’ out there is telling you that a blog is one of the best tools you can have for bringing people to your website (me included, although I wouldn’t call myself a ‘guru’…). But, actually choosing topics to write about can be the biggest hurdle to overcome when it comes to keeping your blog updated and relevant.

Luckily, there is a system you can use. And, this brainstorming system will work for even the most boring, traditional businesses.

Let’s take dentists for example – one of the most stereotypically boring niches for blogging – there is a way for even them to create interesting, engaging content that gets results. I mean, just check this out for some serious dental content marketing inspiration.

It all comes down to brainstorming. Because once you’ve got a list of ideas it should be the motivation you need to actually commit to blogging regularly.

So, here’s what you need to do. Sit down and give yourself half an hour to brainstorm for your blog. Work your way through these questions, and write down ideas as they come to you. There are no bad responses, no bad ideas… Just write everything down, no matter what you think about it.

Here are the thought prompts I use when I’m trying to brainstorm topics for myself and my clients.


The Brainstorming Process For ‘Boring’ Business Blogs:


Prompt 1: Think about who you’re writing for.

Write down exactly who your audience is.

Is it middle-aged businessmen? Is it stay-at-home mums? Who are they? What does their life look like?

Check out #2 of our biggest B2C marketing mistakes, and you’ll see just how important this point is!


Prompt 2: Think about their problems.

Everyone has problems. What are your audience’s main ones?

Are the businessmen you’re targeting having trouble keeping up with their workload?

Are the small businesses you’re targeting annoyed at a certain aspect of their day-to-day operations?

Find the problem. Write it down. Use your content to solve it.


Prompt 3: Ask yourself if there any questions your customers ask you regularly. Is there something they’re confused about?  

Every business person has a list of those questions they’re getting asked constantly… But, instead of rolling your eyes the next time a customer asks you one, think of them as a treasure-trove of content ideas.

Think back to the last time you had to answer a question from your customers for the millionth time. Now, write a blog post about it.


Prompt 4: Think about the trending topics in your industry.

Is there any new technology or something taking the industry by storm? Give your opinion on it.

Give your audience your insights and prove that you’ve got your finger on the pulse.


Prompt 5: Think about some customer success stories.  

Have you had a particular story of success for one of your clients recently? Tell the story.


Prompt 6: Have you gone to an industry conference recently? Think about what the keynote speakers were discussing.

Is what the keynote speakers talking about valuable to your audience? If yes, write about it.


Prompt 7: Think of industry experts you could interview.  

We all love hearing from the experts, and your audience is no different. Write down a list of experts you could interview, and start reaching out to them.

Bonus points for this one, because it will also help your blog gain attention. 


Prompt 8: Think about related content ideas.

Just because you’re a dentist, doesn’t mean you have to write about teeth all day, every day.

Think about something that’s generally related to your business that your audience is also interested in… i.e. for a dentist, this could be health in general or hygiene in general.


Prompt 9: What’s your business’s point of difference? Write about it.

This one can be dangerous because it can be tempting to just self-promote… Avoid that temptation, and instead, write it from the perspective of helping your audience.


Prompt 10: Think outside the box.

Remember, content doesn’t have to be written… it could be a video, a picture, a tool, a calculator, a quiz… anything!

Use your imagination and brainstorm some ‘outside the box’ content ideas.

This can also be great because it can break up the tedium that comes with constantly writing blog after blog after blog.


Next Steps To Transform Your Boring Business Blog

Now, all that’s left to do is to look at the list of ideas you’ve collated from the brainstorming process… and get to writing!

Still stuck? Here’s a list of 11 resources for you to use that will help make brainstorming content ideas even easier.


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