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Forget about the complicated and convoluted marketing blogs. Here you'll find simple and easy to implement info to help you wrap your head around digital and content marketing. Have something you want me to write about? Let me know and I'll put something together for you.

3 Reasons Why Niches Are The Key To Small Business Success

I’m writing this for my dad. And everyone else like him. For intelligent, small-business owners everywhere who have made the leap from a high-level professional career into running their own business. Marketing isn’t their expertise, and nor should it be. But, my dad...
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6 B2C Marketing Mistakes You’re Making & How To Fix Them

I’m sure you’re aware of what Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing is all about, but what you might not be aware of is the common B2C marketing mistakes people make when they’re going about their strategy. It’d be easy for me to list the common mistakes (the ones...
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