How can we help with your content marketing strategy?

Let's get real. Content marketing isn't just about beautifully crafted copy. It's about so much more. That's why our suite of services is designed to cover all your bases. With a focus on content marketing strategy, we can help you create content that leaves a lasting impression on your readers. Sounds good, huh?

Agency Support

Are you a busy digital agency that just doesn’t have time to offer comprehensive content marketing? Our innovative approach means we can jump on board and help you build your clients’ content marketing strategy - leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Sponsored Content

More than ever, businesses and publications are joining forces to create branded content. We help make that process actually work. By working directly with the brand and the publisher, we can create digital content marketing strategies that achieve results without alienating the reader.

Content Strategy

Specialised content without strategy is like an early morning without a coffee: incomplete and tiring. Not only will we provide you with the tools for successful content marketing, we can tell you how to use them with professional and ongoing creative consultation.

Content Creation

Why should content creation be dull? Let our dynamic team show you where our creative content can take you. Our highly trained team will add a wow factor to even the most difficult content. The best part is: it'll match your content marketing strategy in order to get you real and tangible results.

Content Distribution

Your content is nothing if it doesn’t reach your audience. That’s why we know exactly how to give your audience what they’re looking for in the format they prefer. It’s no guessing game with our content marketing strategy – we'll put your content where it needs to be.

Content Management & Analytics

Want to know what content is grabbing your client’s attention and why? We’ve got the answers. Our team will seamlessly manage your content marketing campaigns alongside providing in-depth and insightful analytics to keep it moving forward.


The Candid Content Story

Yes, we’re young. Yes, we’re fun. But – damn do we know content marketing. As a small and vivacious agency based in Brisbane, you know that you're going to get the one-on-one attention your content marketing strategy needs.

When our founder, Rhiannon, was an in-house marketing specialist she realised she had a knack for something. And that little something-something was content marketing. When she realised that her skill didn’t come as easily to most other marketers, she pondered on how she could help make other people's lives easier.

The answer? Candid Content

Our story is a simple one. It’s a story of hard work, learning and triumph. It’s a story of passion.

What we have to offer

  • Honest, upfront and uniquely candid advice on your content marketing strategy
  • An invaluable resource for business growth
  • High quality results from a knowledgeable team
  • A creative environment where ideas come to life
  • Innovative content strategy tailored to your specific goals
  • A high energy and vivacious team that treats your business like our own
Content Marketing Strategy
Idea Generation
Content Creation & Distribution
Content Management & Analytics

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