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5 ways to use social media wisely for your business

When social media marketing became another avenue for marketing, every business seemingly jumped on the bandwagon and took part in the trend. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing – absolutely not. Social media can be an awesome tool for success. When you use social media wisely. 

Back when social media was getting big was when Facebook and Instagram were the shining beacons of social media marketing. Back then, there was no need to worry about anything else.

Right now, however, we’re living in a digital age where there is literally a social networking site for everything and everyone. It seems that everyone is falling into the deadly trap of stretching their content over every possible channel in order to reach every last speck of their target audience. That, my friends, is not using social media wisely. Let’s turn that into an analogy, this video is a perfect example of how your content will be feeling:

Instead of falling victim to the craze (much like Bilbo did with his precious), here are five simple do/don’t strategies that will help you get back to basics and will make sure you use social media wisely.

1. DO: Only use sites that are relevant
It’s like being a child in a candy store; you get so overwhelmed by all the choice that you grab every flavour so you feel like you haven’t missed out. There are hundreds of social networking sites available, but you don’t need to use all of them.

Stick to the ones that you know your target markets are using often. This will ensure that they see the content and take notice of it. The ultimate goal of social media marketing is engagement because that leads to action, right? So why bother using social networking sites that won’t enable that engagement? Remember: less is more.

2. DON’T: Use the same content for all sites
You wouldn’t post your 140 character tweet on Facebook, Instagram and send an image of the post on your Snapchat would you? All your friends would see the exact same information over and over and get sick of it. It’s same with marketing content. It’s a trap that many fall into without noticing. When you’re drafting your content you can give it all the same theme but create different variations of the same message for each platform. Tailor your message to the audience you’re going after.

3. DO: Align the social networking sites with organisational goals
Although it is indeed important to align social networking sites with the target market, it is also important to ensure they reflect the organisational vision and goals. Ask yourself which sites will help achieve your marketing goals and which ones won’t. By having a set vision that underlies all social media marketing efforts, the more consistent, fluent, and effective they will be. Remember: be honest with yourself. Just because you want to portray yourself as young and fresh, it doesn’t mean you should put your corporate brand on Snapchat. Think before you do anything.

4. DON’T: Rely on Facebook and Twitter only
Facebook and Twitter have unfortunately become the ‘Social Media for Dummies’ go to for every marketing effort. Don’t get me wrong, nearly every business can benefit from using both Facebook and Twitter, but don’t just base what you’re doing on what your competitors are doing. Think outside the box a little, branch out to specific social networking sites that your target markets are on and use these as a personalisation tool.

5. DO: Promote Engagement
Instead of trying to keep track of all the content sent out on every social networking site possible, concentrate your marketing efforts on the most important ones. This will allow for more time to actively engage with the target market. Ask questions or for feedback, play a game or share videos. By creating interactive content, engagement will increase and so will the success of your marketing efforts.

Now go – use social media wisely and watch as your results transform before your eyes!

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